Feature Film Credits

1990  Ernest Goes to Jail Disney/Touchstone

1992  Ernest Scared Stupid Disney/Touchstone

1994  Ernest Rides Again Disney/Touchstone

1995  Ernest Goes to School Disney/Touchstone

1998  Existo Home Town Productions

Television Credits

1987 “Hey Vern, It’s Ernest” 13 Episodes CBS

Days Of Our Lives Network Licensing

CMT Logos TNN Broadcasting

Toyota commercials

Jeep Commercials

East Side Medical Hospital Corp of America

Video Credits

“Power Yoga with Brian Kest” Warner Home Video

“TN Sports Hall of Fame” Museum Installation Music

“Lasers” National Geographic

“The Name is Bond” Bridgestone Trade Show Video

“Jasper Project” Vanderbilt University

“Border Blues” Vanderbilt University

“Make A Difference” Vanderbilt University

“Womens Basketball ’98” Tenn. State University

“Listen And Be Heard” Goldpitt Productions

“Project Hope” Goldpitt Productions

“Seeds of Change” Goldpitt Productions

CD Roms

“The Basement Bums” Little Planet

“Childrens Stories” Litlle Planet

“Project Starfish” Little Planet


Beth Nielson Chapman       Prism,  Sand and Water, Hymns, The Mighty Sky  Warner Bros. BNC Records

Jerry Douglas                       Jerry Christmas                      E1 Music

Bela Fleck                              Inroads                                     Rounder

Mark O’Conner                    The Wind and Stone              Warner Bros.

Kathy Mattea                        Love Travels                            Atlantic

Kongdor Ondul                    Back Tuva Future                   Warner Bros.

Jill Sobule                              I Kissed a Girl                          Atlantic

TONE PATROL                    Thin Air                                   Earwave

Aashid Himons                    The Leaders, Mountain Soul   Soptek

Suzee Waters Benjamin     The Waters Edge                    Soulo Records

Suzee Waters Benjamin     Step into the Light                 Soulo Records

John Jarvis                           Balancing Act                          MCA

Gary Nicholson                    60s are the 90s                       ?

Jim Photoglou                     Time Out                                  Mercury / Japan

Conni Ellisor                       Night at the Museum             Great Northern Arts

The Doyle and Debbie Show     The Doyle and Debbie Show       Ottertail

Kirby Shelstad                    Dewachen, Mother of the Buddhas

With Beth Nielsen Chapman          Sacred Chants                                    Chopra Center